Church Planting

At the heart of everything we do is making disciples.  Everywhere we go, we are always preaching the Gospel and planting churches.  We partner with local leaders to help connect new believers with Christian communities.

We have developed relationships with some leaders of the house-church movement who are seeing truly remarkable numbers of people becoming disciples of Jesus. These leaders are training us and our partners to use this model.     

Some benefits of this model:

  • It works: Over 1 million in India were baptized on Pentecost Sunday last year.
  • It is free: It is not dependent on money from the West (to build churches, pay pastors, etc).
  • Multiplication: From the first day people are saved, they are making disciples themselves.
  • It’s genuine: Believers meet on a regular basis (often daily) to discuss their real lives and see what the Word has to teach them about their circumstances.

There are some travel costs involved in training our partners to use this model.  You can help the Gospel advance by giving toward this Evangelism and Church Planting program.