Upcoming Journeys


Again and again we hear words like these as men, women and children discover the joy of going to the front lines to be used by the Lord to bring his salvation, healing and hope to the poor and unreached. 

Journeys of Compassion put hands and feet to the adventure of the Gospel, where together we live out the reality that the Kingdom of God is big enough and powerful enough to touch every part of life.  Everywhere we go, Christ is preached, the sick are healed and good news to the poor is demonstrated in prisons, hospitals, mobile medical clinics and feeding programs. Journeys vary in length from one to two weeks, and reach across the world, from Africa to Asia to Central America.

Men, women, and children who choose to join us are those who desire to go beyond what they have ever experienced in their Christian life––to be used by the Lord to bring His salvation, healing and hope.

To learn more about why we do Journeys of Compassion and their long-term impact, click here.


The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of Multiplication. Our vision is that every Journey of Compassion would be about multiplication, not only in healing and salvation in those we serve overseas but also in the community of each and every journeyer who comes. To help you multiply the workers in your area we are offering a refer a friend credit. Now when you refer someone who has never been before, we’ll give you a $100 credit against your fundraising target*. So invite your friends, families, coworkers, small group members and pastors! Together we can raise up an army that is making an impact across the globe and at home.

For more information feel free to call the office at 1-877-736-0803. 

*$100 credit applies only to referral of a first time journey of compassion team member.


"Miracles that were written in the gospels became a reality, the deaf began to hear, the blind could see, the mute started to speak and the lame began to walk." - Cherry B. Brisbane 

"I know I will never be quite the same.  I have a new fire in my heart for mission work and seeing Jesus' love brought to every person." 
- Coryn M. Coquitlam 

"I'm not even sure I can describe how it has impacted me!  What a life-changing experience!  We saw so many people healed in the villages, many salvations!"
- Darcie V. Fort St. John

Ever wonder why people go on a Journey of Compassion, or what happens when they do? Curious about the Impact that a Journey has on team members and locals? Danielle took a few minutes to give us an idea of what drives her to go and tell us a few stories from the road a Journeyer travels: