Secondary Scholarship

Kalonga, Uganda

Co-sponsor a student for $48/month

Education leads to transformation. It is the key to breaking the cycle of subsistence living in rural Uganda. Only 28% of children go on to secondary school in Uganda and only 2% complete secondary school. A secondary school education changes lives.  Not just the life of a student, but also the greater community, improving the quality of life for everyone – now and into the future.

You have the power to bring about transformation in rural Uganda. You could help change the future for an entire community by helping children continue their education. Your generous giving will allow qualified students to become part of that elusive 2% of secondary graduates, thus transforming their futures and shifting the expectations and realities for their community. Will you partner with us in this endeavor by supporting our Secondary Scholarship fund?

Scholarships will be awarded to graduates from our Hope & Care School in Kalonga, Uganda based on financial need and academic performance. Students will have strict academic and character expectations to meet in order to stay eligible for the Scholarship fund. You can partner with us through one-time gifts that will help pay for start-up costs and annual school supplies or you can become a monthly co-sponsor at $48 to help cover all of a student's needs.

Students perform best when they are afforded the opportunity to attend a quality secondary boarding school. This allows them to focus on their studies without being overburdened with agricultural and household chores from their families. As a result, secondary school fees are significantly higher than those of primary school, especially considering the travel involved from Kalonga to the city.

The annual cost of $1152 per student covers:

  • A full year of tuition and boarding (3 terms) at a competitive, high quality secondary school
  • Start-up requirements for students: Admission fee, suitcase (metal trunk), mattress, bed sheets, blanket, towel, Jeri can, basin, bucket, scrubbers, Geometrical set, calculator, school uniform, shoes, backpack.
  • Fuel and goodies for Visitation Day visits (a time when students receive visits from friends and family along with special meals and treats) (3 trips per year)
  • Fuel for transporting the students (and their supplies when applicable) before and after each of the 3 school terms. (6 trips per year)
  • Text Books
  • School supplies: paper, pens, pencils, fine art supplies, graph paper, composition notebooks
  • Toiletries
  • Medical fee
  • School clothes: Socks, undergarments, etc.
  • Eatables: sugar, bread, nuts, hard corns, bagia, etc.
  • Field trip expenses