Project Funded!

Kazinga Refugee Camp Water Project

Location: Refugee Camp, UG

Budget: $19500.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: To provide clean water to the refugees in Uganda.

How You Can Help:

Formerly Sango Bay 

Update 08.17.2016

The second Springbox has been completed! The refugees now have 4 sources for water with the drilling of wells in the future.


Update 08.08.2016

The first Springbox has been completed and the second one is in progress. Two water collection system and tanks have been installed. 



Update 07.05.2016

The refugees at Sango Bay have been moved! 4000 people, many of them children, are still without a clean water source. It was thought that the nearest source of water was 5K (3 miles) away, but there is hope after hearing of spring wells closer to the camp. There are also only 11 latrines for all theses people. We have a team there now, taking water filters and doing medical, but we need more. We need your help to create more water sources for this community and its people. They now have filters, but we still need more sources for water. We are teaming up with Uganda Water project to help in raising funds. 
How you can help: donate to help fund the following:
  • Wells- $3125.00/each, 3 needed
  • Tanks/water collection systems-  $3250.00/each, 2 needed- Done 
  • Springboxes- $2500.00/for 2, 2 needed- Done 

Filters are buy 1 get 2 FREE right now! Your Donation goes even further! 

Help us provide 300 water filters to Sango Bay Refugee Camp.

The refugee camp of Sango Bay has 5000 people and is located on the Uganda/Tanzania border.  With freedom to come and go as they like, the reason they stay is the hope of a promise not yet fulfilled. Three types of people live here: those who ended up on the wrong side of the border dispute and are waiting for land settlement, Rwandan's who fled the genocide, and others who owned land where oil was found and were relocated to the camp with the promise of new land from the oil sales.   It's located on an unused airstrip from Idi Amin's era which is still privately owned, therefore the current residents are restricted from planting crops. The only water source for the refugees is a contaminated lake shared with cattle. These people are poor, sick, lack opportunities and receive very little help from the outside. 

David and Cynthia Pearson visited this camp in January and gave 5 filters to the leaders families and deworming meds to about 250 children. Because of the great need, we hoped to come back with many more filters. Good News! We are returning in July and you can help us with the filter need. One filter provides 20 people with clean water for 10 years. Your gift of $65 not only gives health, but hope as well. These people are not forgotten, they are loved by God. Thank you for partnering with us to share God's love and hope.