Project Funded!

Randeeps Car

Location: , US

Budget: $20000.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: Replace Randeep's car so the gospel will go forth

How You Can Help:

Randeep and Anu Mathews are our partners in India.

In addition to hosting and leading multiple Journeys of Compassion each year, Randeep oversees 17,000 house churches. Anu oversees Impact Nations' projects in Chandigarh. On November 9th, Randeep was involved in a 60 vehicle accident as a result of dense smog in New Delhi. His car was destroyed. Without a vehicle, he will be severely limited in his ability to spread the gospel in Northern India.

Impact Nations is committed to the Mathew's ministry. We would like to help them purchase a new vehicle so that nothing slows them down in their drive to carry out the Great Commission.

We need to help them!