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Nepal Children's Home

Location: , NP

Budget: $22635.00

Still Needed: $17635.00

Goal: Provide a permanent structure for orphans in Nepal

How You Can Help:

Rescued from the poorest villages in Nepal, these young ones now have a chance at normal family life. Will you provide a permanent home for some of the world's poorest children?

Joy is from the Chaudhary tribe, a people who haven been enslaved for generations in the far southwest region of Nepal. Joy has two older brothers, Shalom and Ethaan. Their father is dead. Their mother cannot speak or hear. When their father died ten years ago, Pastor Keshav and his wife, Rupa, welcomed the children into their home. Keshav and Rupa have continued to seek out opportunities to care for orphans, and are currently parenting nine children from impoverished villages around Nepal.

"Our overall vision was not to open an orphan home but to have a home where children are welcomed into families who will raise them as their own. We believe that once they come to us, they are no longer orphans, as they'll have parents, a home, and more importantly, God, who is an Eternal Father to us all. This is why we never call them 'orphans' but one of our own.”
          ~ Pastor Keshav

34% of Nepalese children are involved in some type of child labor, ranging from agricultural work to commercial sexual exploitation. Without the care of Naro Sanga Church, it is extremely likely that these children would just be another statistic. Instead, they are being raised by loving parents who are dedicated to protect and care for them.

The Nepalese governement is imposing new restrictions on the heroes who have chosen to care for the nation's most vulnerable. Recent regulatory changes mean that the children must be cared for by a registered charity with a permanent structure. Impact Nations is partnering with Pastor Keshav and Naro Sanga Church to build this new home where the children can continue to thrive.

In order to house the nine children that are currently in this program, we will build the first floor of this building. In the coming years, additional floors can be added to house more children. A small amount of funding was provided as a part of the emergency relief after the earthquake in 2015. Naro Sanga Church was able to get construction started, but with limited funds their progress was minimal. There is still much work to be done!