Project Funded!

Nakuru Prison Water Pump Repair

Location: Kakuru, KE

Budget: $2300.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: Supply a Prison and a School with Water

How You Can Help:

Update: This project is fully funded and the second stage is soon to begin! The first round of funding was sent in late January 2018. We are posting updates at the bottom of this page (click here)

The Problem

Nakuru Women's Prison is home to over 300 inmates, plus their children. Yes, children. The prison's water source has been broken for nearly two years. Our partners at Metro Church have been purchasing truckloads of water as a temporary solution. In addition to this being a financial burden, the water is not always safe to drink.

Impact Nations has had the privilege of visiting this prison on several occasions, where we have preached and demonstrated the gospel by providing water filters, feeding programs and healing the sick. Now we would like to provide a long term solution to their water crisis.

Near the prison there is a community of 380 people living in the local garbage dump. In the dump there is small school with 87 children aged two to six. These children have no access to safe water at home, and they rely on the trucks delivering water from Metro Church. Again, this water cannot be guaranteed to be safe and it is an ongoing expense.

The Solution

In partnership with Metro Church, we will repair an existing water pump on the prison grounds. We will then install piping from this pump so that it can fill existing tanks at the prison and at the school. Within a few short weeks, the women and the children could have access to safe water, and Metro Church could redirect their resources to further benefit the community.

From where you sit right now, you could make a difference on the other side of the planet.

Will you help us?


January 29 2018
Unfortunately the old pump could not be repaired. Instead, for the same price as the repair, Metro Church was provided with a brand new pump worth over $2000! The pump is now being installed and the prison has built a hut so that the pump and filter will be protected from the elements.