Project Funded!

Kerala Flood Relief

Location: Kerala, IN

Budget: $15000.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: Provide clean water for 15,000 people

How You Can Help:

You Did It!

We successfully raised enough to purchase 400 water filters and distribute them with our partners at Mission India. Check our Facebook page for regular updates on the filter distribution process.

Save a life for $1

Southern India is facing the worst flooding they have seen in a century. Over 1 million people are seeking refuge in 4000 relief centers.

The floods have left most water sources severely contaminated. Without treatment, this water will cause severe illness and even death.

Together, we can rescue lives

In partnership with Randeep and his team, Impact Nations will distribute as many water filters as we can afford to send. Each water filter can provide clean, safe drinking water for as many as 100 people in a shelter, preventing disease and death. That means that we can rescue lives for less than $1 per person.

Will you help?

Every dollar you give will rescue another life.

Where are you giving from?