Project Complete

India Sewing School

Location: Chandigarh, IN

Budget: $19090.00

Still Needed: $15000.00

Goal: Empower women to escape poverty and abuse by equipping them to become self-sustained.

How You Can Help:

Update: We have sent funding to India for the start-up costs. We are still looking to raise the funds required for the operational costs of the first semester. We will be posting updates at the bottom of this page (click here) and on Facebook, so be sure to check back often.

In many parts of India, women are believed to be second class citizens. 1 out of 4 women suffer from domestic violence, and 1 out of 5 will be raped at least once in their lifetime. Widows are abandoned by their extended family and left with no means to provide for their children. This trend must be stopped.

Daisy is a 25 year old widow with two beautiful children. She was married as a teenager because her parents could not afford to educate her. Days after her second child was born, her husband committed suicide, believing that their newborn daughter was a demon and a curse upon the family.

Left all alone, Daisy's in-laws blamed her for her husband's death. When she turned to her own brother, Daisy was rejected because she and her children were merely a burden. Indian tradition mandates that a woman is cut off from her own family when she marries, so they were not compelled to help.

Our partner in India, New Life City Foundation, has reached out to Daisy and begun to care for her. The next step is to help her gain a new skill and provide the coaching she will need to start her own business. With your help, Daisy and many others could soon be able to provide for their children.

Impact Nations believes that one of the keys to transformation is education. With the ability to generate their own income, we can empower these women to provide for their children and live apart from abusive family members. Their children will also be more likely to attend school and make a future for themselves.

Impact Nations is working with New Life City Foundation to restore hope to poor women in Chandigarh, India. The New Life Empowerment Center aims to improve quality of life by providing skills training and micro-loans that will enable women to move beyond a life of poverty, violence, and sexual exploitation.

Once the women have graduated, they will be provided with employment opportunities in the textile industry or will receive a micro-loan designed to help them start their own small business as a seamstress. Impact Nations has run similar programs in India and seen over 80% of participants succeed in becoming self-sustained.

During each six month semester, 20 women will be trained to become a tailor. As they receive the training needed to succeed, these women will also receive the love and attention needed to recover from the death of a husband or abuse and neglect from their family.

Our first funding target of $19,090 will cover the first semester of classes. The students will be learning to produce high-end ladies suits and sarees which will be sold in the market. The profits from these sales are expected to be enough that some graduates will be hired to continue producing the garments. After three semesters of this cycle, it is expected that there will be enough revenue from the clothing sales that this project will be fully self-sustained.


September 20, 2017

Meet the trainers!

December 4, 2017

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