Project Funded!

India Flooding Relief

Location: Kashmir, IN

Budget: $0.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: To bring relief (Food, Clean Water, Blankets) to thousands of Christians being persecuted in the aftermath of flash flooding in Northern India.

How You Can Help: We need your donations to purchase Meals ($2.50 each), Sawyer Water Filters, ($65 each), Blankets ($20 Each) and Medicine ($4 each).

What's this project all about?

Devastating flood has crippled life in Kashmir. On 2nd September 2014 Flood water entered Srinagar city in the early hours when most people were sleeping.

Constant rain and landslides have wreaked havoc in Jammu and Kashmir. A devastating deluge has brought life to a standstill in the state, claiming more than 450 lives, inundating hundreds of villages and leaving over one hundred thousand stranded. In this region where the majority of citizens are Muslims the slight relief that is coming is being withheld from Christians. Now nearly two months after the flood christian families continue to suffer from malnutrition, waterborne disease and persecution.

Randeep Mathews will be leading the Impact Nations India team to mount a response, sending blankets, food, medicine and Sawyer water filters in the first phase of relief work. Without your donations we will not have the means to help those being persecuted. The numbers of households affected reaches into the thousands. Your urgent support is needed. Please donate now and help us save many more lives.

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