Project Funded!

Gracette Water Project

Location: Gracette, HT

Budget: $25000.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: To provide 325 Sawyer Water Filters and sanitation education to the village of Gracette, Haiti.

How You Can Help:

About Gracette:

Gracette is a nice little village nestled in the Arbonite Valley, north of St. Marc, between Pont Sonde, Villars, and Marchand-Dessalines. Gracette is a flat land, a valley. The Arbonite River runs through it long with the great canal from which the people irrigate their land. It is mainly agricultural land, very fertile. A blessing.

The community is made up of 965 families. The inhabitants of this area are called “Bitation-Lakous,” named after the first owners of this plantation with their slaves. The population is largely children (39%) and young adults (36%), who have children at a young age. The houses are made with mud, but after the repetitive devastation of natural disasters, the housing is slowly changing to cement bricks and tin roofs.

The Crisis:

Gracette and other villages in the area have been the cradle of the cholera outbreak in the past couple of years. The lack of proper latrines caused the propagation of gastro intestinal diseases, such as worms, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, etc. Sickness is always on everyone’s mind in the villages. Cholera is the curse that everyone is afraid of getting because it does not forgive. It kills.

There are two main problems: lack of access to clean water and lack of education. The canal’s water is used for everything: bathing, drinking, for laundry and for agriculture. The animals share the water with the people. The larger canal is less contaminated than the smaller canal, but the people, not knowing the dangers, don’t bother traveling the extra distance to the larger canal; instead they use the irrigation canals that are closer to the houses.

The resulting water-related illnesses are devastating.

The Project:

We will be partnering with a ministry who has been working in Gracette, running a free medical clinic there.  They have been doing good work in Gracette with very little help or funding.  By partnering together, we will be able to make a lasting difference very quickly.  By distributing 345 Sawyer water filters, we can provide clean drinking water for everyone in the community. Each filter will be shared among three families. This way, everyone will have access to safe water right by their home. Perhaps even more importantly, as the filters are distributed, the whole community will be educated about sanitation and water-borne disease and will receive training on how to use and maintain the filters.

The cost to provide filters and education for the entire community is $25,000. We will start distribution and training on the Journey of Compassion this summer and hope to have the project complete before the winter. Please, donate now, and spread the word about this vital project.