Project Funded!

Business Training

Location: Kampala, UG

Budget: $10000.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: Help Ugandans become self-sustained by teaching entrepreneurship

How You Can Help:

Update: Great news! This project has been fully funded! The classes are set to begin on January 22nd. We are posting updates at the bottom of this page (click here) and on Facebook, so be sure to check back often.

All people deserve the right to thrive economically and direct their own destiny. 

"For every 1% increase in entrepreneurship, there is a 2% decline in the poverty rate."
         ~ Stephen Slivinski, Senior Economist, Goldwater Institute

Impact Nations is partnering with people from around the globe to ensure that those who have been marginalized by poverty are given the opportunity to thrive.

One such partnership is with Alternativ, an organization dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs in the developing world. The Alternativ curriculum covers entrepreneurial training for marketing, budgets, pricing, customer service and more. The program encourages participants in the developing world to think outside the box, connect to local economic opportunities and take control of their futures.

Alternativ is a perfect match for our vocational schools around the globe. We will first introduce their curriculum in January to the School of Purpose in Uganda, where the first graduating class will have just received several months of skills training. This blend of hands-on training and business training will leave graduates poised for success as they take their God-given talents and their newly acquired knowledge out into the marketplace.

The Plan

Impact Nations needs to purchase the license for the curriculum in Luganda, the local language in Uganda. This license will allow us to teach the course up to ten times in a one year period (subsequent years require only a small renewal fee). Two of our board members have already been trained to train others with this program. In addition to training budding entrepreneurs, we will also be equipping several teachers from two different communities so that they are prepared to teach additional classes elsewhere.

The Alternativ curriculum will also become one of the courses offered at the School of Purpose each year, and will be a prerequisite for graduation. This initial class will be taught in the School of Purpose facility, with roughly 30 attendees and six co-facilitators. The course will run from January 22 - 27. Uganda is serving as a pilot project, with aims to bring this program to our partners in Nepal and India later in the year.

This budget covers the cost of running this one week course. In addition to the one-year license, this will include flying our trainers to Uganda (where they will immediately reproduce themselves by a fact of six), print materials, travel expenses for our out of town teachers in training, and a small gift for all graduates. This is an investment that will immediately impact 30 students and as many as 200 in 2018 at a cost of less than $50 per trainee!

This is their opportunity. This is your opportunity. 

Will you help these entrepreneurs thrive? 

Give the gift of self-sufficiency.


December 13th

We have begun the process of translating the Alternativ curriculum into the local language of Luganda. This is expected to be completed by the end of December. The classes will be hosted by The Remnant Generation at the School of Purpose. We expect to have 40 students in attendance, many of which will be future facilitators so that we can repeat the course many times, in multiple locations. In fact, this class will now be a part of the standard curriculum at the School of Purpose.

Thank you to Annabelle and Andrew for all your hard work in Kampala to put this great event together.

Stay tuned for more!