Project Complete

Water Tanks and Filters in Kalonga

Location: Kalonga, UG

Budget: $25000.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: Hundreds of filtration systems and community water tanks have eliminated stomach viruses in Kalonga.

How You Can Help: {tag_what's needed}

To find out more about how this project fits into the overall plan for Kalonga, check out the Kalonga Transformation page.  

Thanks to our friends at the Ugandan Water Project, Kalonga has received three community water tanks and rain collection systems.  Children who have had to walk 40 minutes per day to collect dirty water, now have safe, clean water right at their school. Absences due to illness have been drastically reduced.

During the 2013 Uganda Journey of Compassion, the team began providing sanitation training and distributing 250 water filtration systems.  This is a significant step forward in our goal of providing clean water for the entire community.