Project Complete

Kalonga Town Center Spring Box

Location: Kalonga, UG

Budget: $4300.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: This contaminated mud pit in Kalonga was transformed into a safe, filtered spring box.

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What's this project all about?

While we continue to increase the access to clean water through Sawyer water filters and rain water collection systems in Kalonga, a significant portion of the population must continue to use the natural spring near the town center. This spring (pictured to the left) is contaminated through agricultural runoff, livestock watering, animal inhabitants and poor upkeep. By constructing a spring box we will be able to not only protect the spring from these contaminants but also filter the water and provide a safe collection site. This simple solution will substantially reduce the cases of water born disease in the community. What's more a spring box does not require the expensive maintenance that a hand pump (borehole) does.  Simply put, this is the most effective solution for transforming the water for the entire community.

What is a spring box?

A spring box is a structure engineered to make optimum use of a natural spring. The spring box functions to protect the spring water from contamination, normally by surface runoff or contact with human and animals, and provides a point of collection and a place for sedimentation. The design we will use is pictured below. This will be built by locals with experience in manufacturing spring boxes supporting the local economy while addressing the community health need.

Springbox... Before and After:


A significant portion of the population gathered their water at the natural spring in the town center. This spring (pictured to the right) is contaminated through agricultural runoff, livestock watering, animal inhabitants and poor upkeep. Standing water is also a natural breeding ground for mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases (i.e. malaria).


The mud pit is now a capped spring with a constant flow of clear water. To all who gave to make this happen, thank you. Your generosity will improve the health for the entire community. We've received reports that the villagers are thrilled and have even begun to buy white clothing knowing the water for washing won't turn everything brown!

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