Project Complete

Kalonga Farmland

Location: Kalonga, UG

Budget: $10500.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: We now have farmland that provides daily meals for Hope & Care students and teachers.

How You Can Help: {tag_what's needed}

Pastor John has been leasing and farming land in order to feed the children at Hope and Care School (many of whom are orphans under his care). Unfortunately, the land that he has been cultivating is being sold out from under him. Without land to farm, John will not be able to provide food for these kids. Without the food that he provides, many will go without.

Impact Nations has been sending whatever we can every month to buy food at the local market. But the cost of food is to high; for much of the month, they cannot afford to buy food.

Together, we can ensure that no child at Hope and Care School ever faces starvation again.