Kalonga Transformation

The Story:

Kalonga is a rural village in the heart of Uganda.  When we first visited, the conditions were desperate.  The water source was the worst we had seen anywhere in the world.  Women and children walked 20 minutes each way to stagnant mud pits that were used by humans and animals alike and were filled with water-borne disease.  Not surprisingly, sickness was rampant.  The lines for the medical clinic were so long that families waited multiple days for care, and the death rate from malaria and dehydration (from water-borne disease) was high- especially among the very young.  The community had received no outside help, and they were simply trying to survive the day, with no hope for the future.

But, into these desperate conditions, God spoke a word of hope-- that things here could be different, that these lives could be transformed- physically, spiritually, economically.   And thanks to the generosity of people just like you, it is happening! Read More...

What's Next?

Rescuing lives by meeting basic survival needs will always be a part of what we do.  For example, now that most of the town of Kalonga has access to clean water, we are expanding into neighboring communities in Kalonga parish. However, our main focus in Kalonga is stepping from rescue to transformation. 

In this next phase of the Kalonga Transformation Project, we are focusing on education and economic development.   Our goal is to facilitate economic opportunities for the town as a whole, creating jobs and commerce.  The newly opened sewing business is already a success, and the women are planning to open two dress shops- one in Kalonga and the other in the neighboring town of Mubende. The computer lab and internet café  will both provide computer training for the children and be a very profitable business.  We hope to rent farm equipment and the use of a maize mill to farmers and to provide micro-enterprise loans for individuals.  The profits from these businesses will be used to both reinvest in the businesses and to help hire qualified teachers for Hope & Care school and fund scholarships for students to attend Secondary school and beyond. 

The long-term development of a community depends upon the education of the children.  Therefore, a high priority is improving the education that the children receive.  We recently completed a permanent school structure and we are currently investing in professional development for the teachers and staff.  These things need to happen in order for the government to recognize Hope & Care (and for the children to be able to take exams there). There are now over 400 students attending the school. Although most of the students pay a modest tuition fee, there are some who are unable to afford the cost of school. Click here if you would like to sponsor a Hope & Care student.

You can see a summary of some of the completed projects below... 

Completed Projects

Location: Kalonga, UG
Budget: $103000.00

Results: This old wooden structure has been replaced with a permanant school that will last for generations.

Location: Kalonga, UG
Budget: $10500.00

Results: We now have farmland that provides daily meals for Hope & Care students and teachers.

Location: Kalonga, UG
Budget: $7500.00

Results: Livestock is being raised in Kalonga and taken to market with the profits helping to provide for orphans.

Location: Kalonga, UG
Budget: $4300.00

Results: This contaminated mud pit in Kalonga was transformed into a safe, filtered spring box.

Location: Kalonga, UG
Budget: $25000.00

Results: Hundreds of filtration systems and community water tanks have eliminated stomach viruses in Kalonga.

Location: Kalonga, UG
Budget: $7500.00

Results: 1500 families are now protetcted from malaria and other life-threatening diseases.

Location: Kalonga, UG
Budget: $5000.00

Results: Widows were provided with a quarter acre of land where they are now living and farming.