Why Journeys of Compassion?

Since 2005, Impact Nations has led over 60 Journeys to 18 nations around the developing world; more than 1500 people have registered for one of these trips.
Why do we put so much time and effort into planning and conducting Journeys?

Journeys of Compassion are valuable on at least three levels:

Personal Impact:

Every follower of Jesus is called to be a minister.

Journeys are the best way we know of to release every team member into their own experience of hands-on ministry. One of our greatest joys is to watch people step into their calling and anointing as they preach the Gospel, heal the sick, and practically demonstrate Christ’s love. For everyone who goes on a Journey, it is a time of self-discovery and empowerment. Team members return home bigger on the inside, living with more faith, more anointing and more experience than ever before.

Community Impact:

Journeys bring hope and healing to entire communities. During a Journey of Compassion we may reach as many as six different communities. Whether in rural villages or urban slums, the impact is huge. When we began, we never dreamed that on a single Journey we would be reaching as many as 8,000 people with powerful expressions of the gospel. Wherever we go, hundreds of the sick are healed and come to Christ, hundreds more receive medical attention, water filters, food or mosquito nets. The immediate impact on the community is exciting, but even beyond this, much more is accomplished…

Long-term Impact:

“There is a wide-open door for a great work here” (1 Cor 16:9)

Very often, Journeys open a door for long-term community transformation, allowing us to build relationships with local ministries that would otherwise not be possible. And so, in many nations around the developing world, Impact Nations is engaged in sustainable transformation projects that are deeply changing communities. Working with our partners, hundreds of churches have been planted; 400,000 people now have safe drinking water; hundreds of thousands of meals have been distributed to malnourished children; businesses and business training have been established, schools built…and on and on. All of these projects began with a Journey of Compassion.

Will You Join Us?

Now you know why Journeys are so central to what we do. Year after year, we re-discover the great adventure and transformative power of the gospel. Experience the life-changing power of the gospel, for you––and for the countless lives that are changed through you.

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Come join us. You will never be the same.