India Journey of Compassion

Location: Chandigarh (airport code: IXC), IN

Dates: 05-Mar-2018 - 17-Mar-2018

Journey Donation Target: $1995 ($2595 CAN)(Early Registration Ends: 04-Jan-2018)

Journey Donation Target: $2095 ($2719 CAN)(Registration Ends: 07-Feb-2018)

Registration for this Journey is now closed, but there are still great opportunities in 2018. Check out the complete schedule here.

We are so excited to be taking a team back to the North of India, where we will be partnering with the largest church planting movement in India to bring healing, medicine, clean water and most importantly Jesus to the Punjab. So many of our neighbors in America, Canada, Australia and England come from the Punjab region. This Journey gives us a great opportunity to impact not only this area but also to connect with the Indian community in our own towns. Come and you will heal the sick, lead many to Jesus, give medicine and clean water to the sick and poor and be the face of Jesus to thousands.

“This is like walking through the pages of the Gospels or the book of Acts!” We have heard this statement again and again from those who have stepped out and joined a Journey of Compassion. When you come, you will heal the sick.

Why can we make such a confident promise? Because everyone who has participated on a Journey of Compassion has been used by God to do exactly that. If you have longed to see the sick and injured healed through your prayers, then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

India, soon to be the most populous nation on earth, is a country like no other. It is estimated that there are now over 150 million believers–but more than a billion have yet to turn to Christ. India is in revival. We saw over 1000 Sikhs accept the gospel during our time in the Punjab last year. What is happening is historic; Impact Nations has been invited to take part–and we are extending this invitation to you.  

• Lead people to Christ on village streets, in homes and in outdoor meetings
• Heal the sick, set captives free and experience God working through you to rescue lives
• Participate in mobile medical clinics that open entire villages to the Gospel; feed the hungry; provide clean water
• Receive first-hand equipping and experience in house church ministry

Optional Extra

Prophetic Intercession School - 3rd to 5th March for JOC team members

Brian Simmons tells us that “the keys to the gates of heaven are given to the intercessors”.

Prayer was never meant to be boring – it is meant to be experienced in the throne room of heaven, where it is exciting, engaging and interactive.

Come early to Chandigarh and join me from Saturday evening to Monday mid-day – You will receive teaching and impartation, you will grow in intimacy with Lord, you will grow in releasing throne room prayer, while we worship and intercede for a mighty move of the Lord on this JOC.

        ~ Sue Walker

*Additional $150 USD to be added to your donation target. Please indicate by email should you wish to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Journey Donation Target & Registration

Early Registration: $1995 ($2595 CAN)
Register and make minimum Journey Donation Target amount by 04-Jan-2018

Regular Registration: $2095 ($2719 CAN)
Registration deadline: register and make minimum Journey Donation Target amount  by

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* Outside of Canada, all journeys are listed and processed in US dollars. Airfare: Not included. Arrive on 05-Mar-2018 and Depart on 17-Mar-2018. Please do not buy non-refundable tickets before hearing from us.