Guatemala Journey of Compassion

Location: Guatemala City, GT

Dates: 10-Jul-2018 - 20-Jul-2018

Journey Donation Target: $1195.00 USD ($1495 CAN)(Early Registration Ends: 10-May-2018)

Journey Donation Target: $1295.00 USD ($1619 CAN)(Registration Ends: 07-Jun-2018)


Due to the civil wars that plagued this country and the aftermath of those wars, few ministry teams have been sent in to spread the Gospel of Jesus. These people are looking for hope. Will you help us bring the hope of Christ to this almost forgotten place?

On this journey we will be gathering in Guatemala City. We will minister daily in two of the poorest parts of the inner city, bringing the gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit both practically and supernaturally.

We will be partnering with local Pastors going into the city slums where the need is greatest. Through God’s divine connections He has partnered us with those who have been crying out to God for the exact help that we will bring.

We will then travel to about 2 hours to Tecpan, a mountainous region. This is an indigenous area of the country where we will be doing groundbreaking work. As we minister to these native people groups, we will be sharing the Gospel to some who have never heard the Word of God and His love and compassion.

On this trip you will:

• Distribute water filters to poor families, providing them with a permanent source of clean, safe drinking water.
• Feed the hungry, many of whom live without hope on the streets of Guatemala city.
• Experience Jesus using you to heal the sick, bring comfort to the hurting, and lead people to Him.
• Pour concrete floors for families in need.
• Serve in a daycare center, providing respite and ministry for the staff
• Go from house to house in the towns and villages, demonstrating the love of Christ (Lu. 10:1-2)
• Have opportunities to preach the Gospel on the streets and indoors.
• Have your life changed forever as you discover how God will work through you to impact lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Journey Donation Target & Registration

Early Registration: $1195.00 USD ($1495 CAN)
Register and make minimum Journey Donation Target amount by 10-May-2018

Regular Registration: $1295.00 USD ($1619 CAN)
Registration deadline: register and make minimum Journey Donation Target amount  by

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* Outside of Canada, all journeys are listed and processed in US dollars. Airfare: Not included. Arrive on 10-Jul-2018 and Depart on 20-Jul-2018. Please do not buy non-refundable tickets before hearing from us.