Hope & Care Permanent School

Location: Kalonga, UG

Budget: $112000.00

Funding Still Required: $0.00

Goal: To build a beautiful school for Hope & Care that will last for generations. (All prices shown in USD)

How You Can Help: {tag_what's needed}

Update 02.01.2017

The school is open!  Over 400 students now attend Hope & Care School. Solar power has been installed so that older students can continue their studies in the evenings when necessary.


Update 12.01.2016

Walls are being plastered, both on the inside and outside of the school. Completion is in sight! 


Update 11.03.2016

The roof is on and windows and doors are going in! 


Update 10.20.2016

Congratulations, the school building is now fully funded!! If anyone would like to continue to donate to this project funds will go towards school supplies for teachers and students, desk, and blackboards for the new school. Again, thank you to all who donated to make this happen! 


Update 09.29.2016

The construction on the school is moving a great pace. Recently all the walls were complete and now the roof and flooring are going in! We are still in need of funds to complete construction. Thank you to all our generous donors for helping make this dream a reality! 


Update 08.09.2016

Construction began on the school a couple weeks ago! Check out the progress. We have decided to add a seventh classroom so each grade level can utilize their own classroom. This has changed the budget, the cost for adding the new classroom is only $9,000 more than budgeted, but we are confident in raising funds to bless these children with the best education possible.  


Long-term community development hinges upon the education of the children.  Therefore, a high priority is improving the education that the children receive by getting government certification for Hope & Care school. Government certification is required in order for the school to hire the most qualified teachers and for the children to take standardized exams there. Before the government will certify a school, the school must have a permanent structure. Let's work together to build a school and change these children's future, and ultimately the future of the entire community.

New School Front Elevation

The permanent school building will include six classrooms and will cost a grand total of $103,000. This cost includes everything needed from start to finish, from permits, grading, and foundation laying to finishing touches like the windows, doors, toilets and roof. Working together, one step at a time, with everyone contributing what they can, we can make this dream a reality.


Description: 6 classrooms to roof, unit cost includes installation.

Unit Cost: $2900.00

Total Cost: $17760.00


Description: 19 Walls, unit price includes installation (1/2 a wall is $1450 & 1 brick is $29).

Unit Cost: $2900.00

Total Cost: $55150.00


Description: 48 windows, cost per unit includes installation.

Unit Cost: $156.00

Total Cost: $7500.00


Description: 7 Doors, unit price includes installation.

Unit Cost: $243.00

Total Cost: $1700.00