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God Moves in Kamloops, BC

Dana, a self-proclaimed “chicken” who had never done anything like this before, hit the streets of Kamloops last weekend along with her friends Karen Hayes and Karen Hughes as part of the Impact Weekend that a group of churches was hosting there. 

Her nervousness quickly dissipated as God moved quickly and powerfully.  The first person they met was both healed and saved.  They had three dozen roses to give away for Mother’s Day.  The first woman they gave one to had pain in her legs that got better after they prayed for her.  They asked if she wanted to have Jesus on the inside, and she did!  At first, she didn’t think she was worthy, but eventually she accepted the grace of God.  What a great start to the two hours!

While giving away flowers, they met another couple. The man had a hernia, and he asked them if they could make it better.  They said that they couldn’t but that Jesus could.  As they prayed, he felt a warmth, his eyes got big, and he felt a lot better.  His wife said that this wasn’t the religion that she grew up with.  The group explained that yes, this was grace

Another lady they met had a huge growth on her feet.  Now, Dana doesn’t like feet at the best of times, but she was moved by the compassion of Jesus to reach and touch this woman’s growth. While the growth did not go away immediately, the woman was amazed by how much better it felt.  After being asked if she wanted Jesus in her heart, she prayed a salvation prayer.  This woman said she could feel it on the inside. 

Part of Dana’s story is that she lost a son to a brain tumor a few years ago.  God used her particular history to touch those she met.  She happened to be giving away white roses, not knowing that they are often given in times of grief. When she gave a white rose to a woman, this woman asked her how she knew that her mom had recently died.  Dana said that she had not known that, but that Jesus obviously did.  Another woman she met had also had a son die of a brain tumor.  Only Dana could have truly met her in her grief.  When Dana made herself available, God used her in a way that no one else could have been used. 

Dana found that once you start, it’s actually easy.  People don’t think of you as a nuisance; they are actually hungry for what you have to offer.  God is moving quickly and powerfully not just in the developing world, but right here at home.  What a great privilege to be a part of what He’s doing!


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