These are the Ministries and Organizations we partner, work along side, and are proud to be associated with. 

Faith Comes By Hearing 

Focused on audio Bibles, Faith Comes by Hearing has translated portions of the Bible in over 900 languages. They spread the Gospel through Mobile Apps and audio devices. 


Five14 focuses on adventure based tourism and the establishment of local business in rural Nepal. They provide employment for the Nepalese people while also provided life changing adventures and cross culture experiences for tourist. 

Global Awakening Network 

The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening is comprised of churches and ministries carrying out the commissions of Jesus around the world. 

I Thirst International

I Thirst International focuses on bringing clean water to the developing world, through filters, wells, and tanks. They are teach hygiene and sanitation to residents of the communities they work in. 

Ontario Christian Gleaners

The Gleaners use surplus produce (mostly vegetables, to make dehydrated soup mixes) and other foods to feed the hungry around the world. They partner with other organizations to distribute the food. 

Ugandan Water Project

Ugandan Water Project works to bring solutions to; clean water, sanitation and hygiene, small business development and fair trade crafts  to villages in Uganda. 

Welton Academy 

Welton Academy is a Supernatural Bible School, available online. The academy offers a three year program that centers on building powerful people that are confident in their identity in the Kingdom of God. They are focused on teaching the Bible through a New Covenant Kingdom perspective.

XP Missions 

Focusing on Human Trafficking, XP Missions works to prevent, rescue, and provide after care for those involved in the sex trafficking industry. Working in Cambodia, they strive to bring hope to the hopeless, by meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of those they encounter.