Uganda 2017A Journey of Compassion

Join us in Kalonga and beyond this July 2-14 2017 and put your hands and feet to the transformation process. Heal the Sick. Preach the Gospel. Rescue Lives & Transform Communities.

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Nepal Extreme 2017A Journey of Compassion

Join us in Nepal this Oct. 4-15 as we partner with local social businesses and clinics to bring healing, medicine, clean water and most importantly, Jesus, to remote villagers.

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Tanzania 2017October 22 - November 3

Join us as we journey to Tanzania. We will be providing clean water, medical care, and ministry. You will have the opportunity to rescue women and children from sex trafficking and pray for the sick.

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"Well done Steve for calling all of us out of our safe zones and into the risk and adventure of bringing Kingdom power and love into the desperate needs of needy people. That’s what I want to give my life to!" - John Arnott

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Rescuing Lives.Transforming Communities.

Impact Nations is a registered Canadian & 501c3 Charity that brings hope and restoration to the poor and vulnerable across the globe through both supernatural and practical expressions of the Kingdom of God.

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Location: Undisclosed, NP
Budget: $300.00
Still Needed: $300.00

Goal: Assist families with start up funds for a micro business

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Location: Kalonga, Uganda
School: Hope & Care

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