Water Pump RepairKenya

Over 300 female prisoners and their children are in need of a water source. We can help!

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Uganda 2018A Journey of Compassion

May 20 - June 1. From urban slums to rural villages, put your hands and feet to the transformation process. Heal the Sick. Preach the Gospel. Rescue Lives & Transform Communities.

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Women OnlyUganda June 2-10

This special Journey of Compassion is for women only. You will be ministering to teenage mothers and vulnerable women looking to escape a life of poverty and abuse.

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Refugee CrisisThey are not forgotten

Over 624,000 have fled Myanmar. Tens of thousands have amassed on the eastern border of India where they live in unimaginable conditions. They believe that the world has forgotten them. Let's prove otherwise.

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Gospel of JohnVideo Series

Steve has been teaching a series on the Gospel of John. Watch on Facebook Live every Wednesday, 7:30PM MST. Or watch the entire series here!

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"Well done Steve for calling all of us out of our safe zones and into the risk and adventure of bringing Kingdom power and love into the desperate needs of needy people. That’s what I want to give my life to!" - John Arnott

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Rescuing Lives.Transforming Communities.

Impact Nations is a registered Canadian & 501c3 Charity that brings hope and restoration to the poor and vulnerable across the globe through both supernatural and practical expressions of the Kingdom of God.

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Location: Kampala, UG
Budget: $14250.00
Still Needed: $14250.00

Goal: Provide vocational training for women at risk

Upcoming Events & Journeys

Location: Kalonga, Uganda
School: Hope & Care

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